SUS5 will take place at the Bocconi Velodromo building during the night between the 18 and the 19 of June 2019.



18:30  19:30

Registration of participants and guests 


19:30  20:30

Happy hour and challenge presentation



20:30 — 24:00

Data challenge time



24:00 — 01:00

Midnight “spaghettata”


01:00 — 06:30

Data challenge time



06:30 — 07:00

Final submission of the works


07:00 — 08:00

Breakfast together and greetings


19:30 — 20:00

Awards ceremony (only for the three winning teams)

Note that the presence of at least one member of each winning team is required during the awards ceremony, which will take place at Aula Magna, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Largo Gemelli 1, Milano (only for the three winning teams).

SUS5 is the fifth edition of the event Stats Under the Stars. For information regarding the past editions, you can have a look at

  1. SUS1 University of Padova
  2. SUS2 University of Salerno
  3. SUS3 University of Firenze
  4. SUS4 University of Palermo